In modern vocational training systems, teachers are both professional educators and key change agents. Continuing innovation and development has become a core task of the modern professional teacher. The professional expertise of teachers committed to change and modernisation is also an important source of knowledge for implementation of national policies. A key question therefore is how to involve teachers actively in vocational training reform so that ownership is better translated into quality learning in the classroom and professional expertise from teaching and learning processes can guide system reform.

“3D print training modules for electric-electronic teachers in vocational high schools” project will develop a unique educational material for the purpose of the professional 3D printing technology implementation in school atmosphere by VET teachers.


It will be help VET teachers:

  • To provide visual materials in classroom
  • To seize engagement of students
  • To enhance hands-on learning with realistic models


Main aim of the project is to develop ECVET based a unique educational material for up skilling and rescaling of electric-electronic teachers in vocational high schools. Educational materials development process will be included four quality design principles for teaching.


Target group of the project are vocational high school teachers from Electric-Electronics department.


Final beneficiaries of the project are:

  • Vocational high school teachers from different departments such as biomedical, ICT, industrial automation, mechatronic, machine
  • Vocational college lecturers
  • Senior trainers from industrial organisations
  • Vocational high school students
  • Vocational college students
  • Other individual learners who practice DIY 3D printing technology


Start date: 01 November 2019

Duration: 34 months

Funded by: Erasmus+ programme of the EU Commission

Measure: Strategic partnership for vocational education and training